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About Luna Park Events
Imagine hiring out all of Luna Park for your family, extended family and friends to run around in and have a rocking good time!
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The Stardust Room at Luna Park
Luna Park’s uber-versatile venue, the ‘Stardust Room’ recently hired out by business, Eat.Drink.Innovate for its Ideation Workshop, proved to be a real winner in creating the right kind of atmosphere for attendees to get their creative juices flowing. Stardust venue enhances creativity "We were so thankful to Luna Park for hosting our recent Ideation Workshop. It really was the ideal venue for our large team to spark fresh ideas around…
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David Koch at Luna Park
This Friday was the setting for the ‘Sunrise great Aussie road trip’. The nation followed Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast news team down the east coast of Australia over a week, and had their final leg of the trip at Melbourne’s Luna Park. With an early morning (2am) bump-in our staff were bright eyed and bushy tailed to help the TV crew set up. The 300-400 VIP public guests began to…
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