You are welcome to enter the park after paying the entry fee to take photographs with a hand held camera, being mindful that other guests must NOT be inconvenienced.

We do require a phone call on 03 9525 5033 at least a week in advance to advise us of; the size of your group, intended time of arrival and primary contact details.

Hand held cameras may only be used; NO tripods/monopods, NO taking cameras on rides and NO lighting or other equipment. This is to avoid any tripping or safety hazards for our guests.
You must purchase ride tickets if you want to be photographed on rides and you must queue with the general public. (No queue jumping or stopping of rides will be possible.)

If you have any further special requests in relation to photography, please contact us as fees will apply.


Photography during opening hours:

  • Date and time required in advance.
  • There is an entry fee for non-riding patrons.
  • You must purchase ride tickets if wanting to pose on any rides and queue with the general public.
    (No queue jumping or stopping ride operations will be permitted for photoshoots)
  • Small camera only, no tripod, no monopods, no other equipment, small crew (less than 5)
  • No ride or ride area may be accessed with cameras. Photos must be taken in the safe, public area outside ride fences.

If you’re wanting to organise a wedding photography shoot, please contact Luna Park on 03 9525 5033 or email

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