Sunrise Live Morning Event

By March 4, 2016 Corporate Event

This Friday was the setting for the ‘Sunrise great Aussie road trip’. The nation followed Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast news team down the east coast of Australia over a week, and had their final leg of the trip at Melbourne’s Luna Park.

With an early morning (2am) bump-in our staff were bright eyed and bushy tailed to help the TV crew set up. The 300-400 VIP public guests began to arrive at 5am. Fresh coffee and breakfast for the TV talent and VIP guests were provided by our dedicated Luna Cafe chefs.

Sunrise’s crew required a large stage set up in front of the W-Class Tram with the Arabian Merry and Scenic Railway as a backdrop. Multiple locations were also set up to provide interesting spots for the weatherman Sam Mac to announce the forecast for the day.